• Dating after Divorce
  • Divorce and seperation are a very difficult thing no matter what. The peron that tells you it’s not is a bold face liar or has never experienced it without jumping into someone elses arms immediately. It takes time to get over a long time commit to someone. You got married or involved in a relationship with your love for a reason. You where exactly that in love.


    You share so many personal accpects with each other that as the relationship grows you learn to accept, compromise, change in an effort to make your lives with each other happy. It’s a lot of work. Everyone is different so what might be comfortable with one might not be with another. Are you willing to go through this again with somebody new?


    Try and set your goal and don’t try to leap back into a relationship but to just have fun. enjoy and appreciate meeting new people. A must should be to take the time to get to know yourself, but sometimes that envolves looking at scary insights about ourselves. Seek a good therapist would be quite helpful. Figure out what kept you in a relationship and commited for so long.


    Take the good and change the bad. Some of the best ways to meet people can be volunteering for something that that you may truely believe in. Don’t look at it as I’m gooing to get lucky today. Focus on sincerely helping out. Think about what your interests are and find out if there is a college, lecture hall around and attend. Simply open your mouth and say HI! How is your day going? You never know when your going to say hi to that person who could be your mate